Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dress, finished

I was a bit overambitious about how much I could do in the time I had so I did make a few changes from my original plan, the biggest of which is that the underlayer of the skirt is plain and not pleated. And, due to some poor decision making around midnight I took a bit too much off the bottom so it came out shorter than I had wanted. Overall, though, it came out decent and I finished in time to wear it for the event.

I need to adjust my dressform, it actually fit me quite well even though it's a bit loose here (especially on top).

Side view

Hem detail. The pleats didn't line up as well as I had hoped, though it was my first time making pleats so I'm not too disappointed. It took forever to topstitch them all and the material held it's shape fairly well so I probably didn't need to. Also, the topstitching on the waistband is a bit crooked, I hadn't realized how slippery the plain pink fabric was so it was a pain to work with.

Despite it's faults, though, I'm fairly happy with how it came out and it was nice to work on a challenging project for a change.

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