Friday, May 4, 2012


I haven't been for a real night out in a while (just drinks after work), so I'm really looking forward to Dances of Vice this weekend. I think the last time I went to one of their events was July 4th last year. I had kind of forgotten how fun is it to get ready for something like this! I finished making a dress that turned out ok, though maybe not great, but I also have a vintage plain velvet dress from the 1920s as a backup if I change my mind last minute. I found a great pair of sandals at the thrift store for $10. I do still need to do my nails and come up with something to do with my hair (I like the bobbed look but my hair is the longest it's ever been so I'm definitely not cutting it). So I'm not completely ready yet but I feel like I'm close, hopefully it'll be a great time.

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