Thursday, July 5, 2012

A cataclysm (though not really), and happy birthday to me

A Louis Wain picture found in a scrapbook in my grandmother's attic

It's been well over a month since I last posted, and I've been thinking lately about what I want to do with this blog. And since it's my birthday, it's usually when I try to make changes in my life anyway, moreso than New Year's for me. I originally meant it to be a blog about my sewing and crafting, Blythe, thrifting and photography but lately I've only managed to post photos, and even then sporadically. Currently thinking I'll just try to keep with the original plan and make it a point to post more this year, but I guess we'll see if I manage it.

A bit about the above image, I first became familiar with Louis Wain's work many years ago through Current 93. It really combines things I like - vintage imagery and cats. I was looking through a scrapbook we found in the attic at my late grandmother's house (though it's too old to be hers, possibly my great-grandmother's or someone even older) and this was one of the pictures pasted in it. And while I know he was a popular artist at the time and many people probably scrapbooked his pictures it's still nice to feel some sort of connection with a long lost relative, even if it's just a cat picture.

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