Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Planning Time

So I have an upcoming sabbatical from work, three months paid time off. This is a great thing and I realize how lucky I am to even have that opportunity! But, it's also pretty intimidating (and I actually was eligible last year and put off taking it since I couldn't think of the perfect plan). I've since accepted that there will never be a perfect plan, so at the beginning of the year I scheduled it for May, June and July and have been trying to figure out what to do ever since.

The best travel related Louis Wain picture I found in my 5 minute search, mostly due to the car

The biggest thing I have tentatively planned is a cross country drive. While we travelled a lot by car when I was a kid, I've never been further west than Kentucky and it would be nice to see the west coast at some point. I had been thinking about just flying out, but there's a ton of stuff on the way I'd like to see. I figure I'd have to rent a car when I got there so maybe I can just drive the car I have over there. The downsides are that I'd be going it alone, and if I get sick of it I won't have another way to get myself and car back home other than more driving.

I'm definitely planning on doing lots of local stuff. I live right outside of NYC and am there for work 5 days a week but there's so much I haven't done. I go to the Met semi-regularly but I've never been to MoMa or the Natural History Museum, much less the smaller museums I keep meaning to go to like the Tenement Museum and the Transit Museum. I have also never gone to the Empire State Building or any of the other stereotypical NYC destinations so it might be fun to play tourist and do all that.

There's also a lot of nearby major cities to explore. Last year I went to Philly with my mom and didn't get to nearly everything I wanted to do. It's only a few hours away so there's really no reason not to go back. And as much as I dislike Boston, there is a lot of historical stuff there I'd like to see (I was a huge Revolutionary War history buff as a kid) and it's also not that far away.

I'll also probably take some fun classes at the local community college. In fact, my initial sabbatical plan last year was to just take a full summer semester of weird classes. I even got as far as looking in to class times and prices, but realized it wasn't the way to go for a variety of reasons.

Right now everything is just vague ideas, but I'm realizing that May is coming up faster than I thought it would so I need to start making concrete plans. It is still pretty overwhelming though, especially now that it's finally sinking in that I'm really doing this.

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