Friday, April 12, 2013

Getting Closer

I've only got three weeks left at work before going on sabbatical and it's really starting to sink in. I have actually managed to schedule things (hotels booked, even!) for May so far, and have tentative plans for June. Still no real progress on what to do in July, but I'm hoping once I get into the non-work routine in May I'll think of something.

Somewhat related to sabbatical planning, I purchased a GPS system for my car since there's a fair amount of driving to new places planned. I hadn't bothered before because I usually use my iphone for directions, but it is a pain to use while driving alone and I spent a lot of time pulling over into parking lots and/or empty driveways to re-check the map when I missed a turn. So, I ordered a super basic Garmin and it sat on the kitchen counter for almost two weeks since I didn't have anywhere new to go. Once the weather warmed up this weekend, though, I realized it was tag sale season and the perfect time to try it out. It turns out it totally made driving to random places for tag and estate sales a much more pleasant experience, and with zero missed turns on my part. I really wish I had bought one sooner.

And I started the season with good estate sale luck! I went to two, and while one didn't really have anything I was interested in the other did. I picked up a couple of vintage beaded purses and some more vintage cameras. Until now I hadn't bought any cameras I didn't think would be usable, but the little Starmatic and Satellite were too cute to pass up. They both seem to take 127 film, which isn't readily available so they'll have to be display only. The Sunpet takes 120 film, I already keep that around for some other cameras so I'm looking forward to cleaning it up and seeing if it works.

I haven't been posting much here (which will hopefully change once I start actually doing things while on sabbatical) but I'm generally active on such low-commitment places as twitter and tumblr if you want to follow me there.

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