Thursday, May 9, 2013

So, I'm finally on sabbatical

My last day in the office pre-sabbatical was on Friday (there was a great lunch and a party), so I've actually been on sabbatical for a few days already. I really haven't done much, though, and it still hasn't totally sunken in yet. I don't have any real plans until next week, but I still thought I'd do more than just sit around the house until then. The only thing I've really done that I don't normally do on a weekend is go up to New Haven for lunch.

New Haven is a bit out of the way though, and it does have one of my favorite restaurants, Miya's Sushi. They make mostly non-traditional sushi and have a lot of vegetarian options, my favorites are the Hot-Headed Cowgirl (coconut-covered roll of cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, canteloupe, burdock, and hot peppers) and the Voompa (spicy, crunchy eggplant seasoned with Persian ghormeh sabzi herbs, goat cheese, avocado, and scallions) rolls. They also have their own infused sakes, I'm partial to the Dragon Lady (ginger, lemongrass, honey). They can get busy on weekends, so when I'm off from work I like to swing by for lunch midweek.

Hot-Headed Cowgirl Roll

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