Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New photography tumblr

Around Halloween, I posted a photo I took of a cemetery over on my tumblr. It got a couple of notes and then nothing, but a few weeks later it suddenly got popular (relatively speaking anyway, it has a little over 1300 notes which is a lot for me). I started thinking about where I post my photos now, which was basically nowhere since I haven't been using flickr since the redesign a while ago. I don't want to just post them on my main tumblr since they don't necessarily fit with the other content, and I'd like to have somewhere that just has my photos. So, fading from the photos was born. I'll still post most of them here, but it gives me a place to share pictures that don't have enough of a story behind them to warrant a whole post. There's not too much there yet but there's a few things I haven't written blog posts for yet, I've queued up some of my favorites from flickr and I've got three rolls of film getting developed right now so it should fill out a bit more soon.

Anyway, I am still around and this blog isn't completely dead yet. It's been a miserable winter here in Connecticut and I've definitely been unmotivated for a while but I seem to be getting some of it back. I've been reorganizing and decorating my sewing room the last couple of weeks (I even made a new skirt over the weekend - the first thing I've sewn in months) and finally brought those rolls of film in, so maybe I'll be able to keep the momentum going. Here's hoping spring comes soon, I'm ready for this winter to end!